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This is a joining letter for a community agreement that has been created by Inventors Factory  (, The electronic version of the joining letter can be accessed at

Community Agreement – Joining Letter

The purpose of the Community Agreement is to enable discussions and information exchanges within the community on new and inventive ideas, inventions and innovations (”iii” or ”iiis”) while maintaining a reasonable possibility for intellectual property and other protection for the iii by the first inventor or his/her predecessor (”Inventor”). The community agreement is an agreement by and between many parties managed and facilitated by a Finnish registered association named as Keksimö ry in Finnish and Inventors Factory rf in English (Community Agreement).

”Community Participant” shall mean natural persons that are Parties to the Community Agreement. Keksimö ry maintains a list of Community Participants and legal entities that have joined into the Community Agreement (”Party” or ”Parties” to the Community Agreement). The list of Community Participants and all Parties at any given time is available at the website of Keksimö ry, or, at request from Keksimö ry.

I hereby agree in relation to each other Party, whether Parties upon my joining or whether they have joined later on, to the following:

1. This Community Agreement covers both (i) iiis that are recorded in the community intranet maintained by Keksimö ry and (ii) non-recorded iiis that I learn from other Parties hereto in connection with the discussions and information exchanges within the community. I shall discuss such iiis only with other Community Participants and I shall not in any way disclose such iiis to other persons or entities than the Community Participants and shall not apply such iiis in business, except with a permission from the respective Inventor. For the avoidance of doubt, if I am an Inventor, nothing in this Community Agreement restricts my right to discuss, exploit and/or apply for a patent with respect to my own iiis.

2. The term of my commitment under item 1 above, in relation to a single iii, is twelve (12) months from the first presentation of the respective iii within the community (such as a publication on the community intranet maintained by Keksimö ry). After this period, the Community Agreement no longer restricts my discussion or utilization of the iii, but my right to disclose or exploit the iii may still be subject to restrictions, e.g. if the Inventor has applied and is granted a patent for the iii or I have entered into other agreements concerning the iii.

3. My commitment under item 1 is conditional upon the iii being inventive and absolutely new: if I or somebody else anywhere in the world has invented iii earlier than Inventor, then I have no obligation based on item 1 in relation to such iii. The inventiveness and novelty of an iii is assessed based on those concepts in the Finnish Patent Act. With respect to an iii that has been recorded by Keksimö ry, I acknowledge and agree that the record establishes a date upon which such iii has been presented within the community.

4. To the extent someone, anywhere in the world, rightfully publishes or otherwise rightfully discloses an iii, my commitment based on item 1 in relation to such iii shall immediately terminate.

5. I acknowledge that this commitment by me maintains the novelty of iiis towards third parties due to that it includes a confidentiality obligation by me towards the respective Inventor. I also acknowledge and agree that I will not share information within the community on such ideas, inventions or innovations of which I am not, to my best knowledge, allowed to share information.

6. To the extent I exploit an iii, I shall state my use of the iii to Inventor and Keksimö ry and these may use that information with no restrictions from me. Even if I would be, after the termination of my commitment under item 1, under no commitment to financially remunerate the Inventor for my use of the iii, I shall consider whether remuneration would be reasonable.

7. Community Agreement Extension: To the extent I am an Inventor, if I give a separate authorization to Keksimö ry to enter into a Community Agreement Extension, such authorization shall mean that Keksimö ry and Community Participants may disclose the iii to and discuss the iii with the third party, provided that (i) the third party has agreed into a non-disclosure commitment with respect to my iii that protects the iii at least to the same extent as this Community Agreement and (ii) that commitment shall be made towards me and Keksimö ry. Keksimö ry shall be authorized to enter into such agreement on my behalf.

I agree that my joining into the Community Agreement shall come in force as accepted and decided by the board of Keksimö ry. I may, without cause, terminate my participation in the Community Agreement by written notice to Keksimö ry, resulting in termination upon a date decided by Keksimö ry, however at the latest within 2 months from my written notice. Keksimö ry may, by decision of its board, without cause, terminate my participation in the Community Agreement with immediate effect. Notices given by email are considered to be given in writing.

Upon termination, my commitments under this Community Agreement shall no longer bind me in relation to iiis of which I learn after termination, provided that I clearly communicate to all other Parties with whom I discuss iiis, during three (3) months after the termination, that I no longer are a Party to the Community Agreement. My commitments in relation to iiis learned earlier shall fully bind me in accordance with this Joining Letter until the term of the commitment has passed.

I agree that Keksimö ry shall be at liberty to modify the contents of my Joining Letter, however, my written permission (e.g. through email) is necessary before the modified Joining Letter shall bind upon me. The Community Agreement, of which this Joining Letter forms a part of, shall be governed by the laws of Finland, exclusive of its rules on international private law (choice-of-law). This Joining Letter is executed in two (2) copies, one given to me and one to Keksimö ry.


Joining Party:

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Entering into the Community Agreement accepted:

Keksimö ry

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